Moselle River

Cruises along the Moselle are perhaps most famous for their spectacular views. The combination of natural beauty in this part of Europe and the historic castles lining the banks of the river, make for a cruise quite unlike any other.

This is a cruise that focuses on the countryside and passengers are able to enjoy travelling along a river that features some of the most spectacular countryside in France, Luxembourg and finally Germany. The river is relatively short, at only 340 miles long and not all of this is navigable by cruise vessels. The river ultimately flows into the Rhine; in fact it is its largest tributary. Much of the countryside that the waterway passes through is filled with vineyards and it would be no surprise to passengers that this part of Europe produces some of the world's most famous wines.

Travellers taking a cruise through this area are going to have the opportunity to taste fantastic wines, straight from the source, including Kerner, Auxerrois, Elbing and Riesling. The history surrounding the development of civilisation here is rich and it is believed that many of the vines were first cultivated by the Romans, from grapes they brought from Italy. The history of this part of Europe is going to be reason enough to make a cruise on the Moselle so appealing. You can also see the religious influence that has penetrated this part of the world; in the past it was the monks who originally grew many of the vines planted here.

This is a cruise that is certainly going to be focused on relaxing among some of Europe's most attractive scenery, while sipping a glass or two of wine. When compared to some of Europe's major rivers, the Moselle is relatively small and does not pass through as many major cities as waterways such as the Danube. This makes it perfect for people who just want to relax and spend some time taking it easy on their cruise ship as it winds its way through France, into Luxembourg, along the border and eventually into Germany.

Most of the cruise ships that operate on this river tend to have first-rate facilities onboard, so that passengers have the option of sampling excellent food and enjoying varied entertainment in the evenings. The sedate nature of this cruise means that the type of passenger who will get the most out of it are those looking for the ultimate in relaxation and escapism.

That said, one of the real highlights of this cruise will be disembarking from the vessel and exploring some of the delightful villages and towns that line the banks of the river. Most have several taverns in them where you can sample some of the local wines in an authentic environment. Typical highlights include Metz, in France and both Cochem and Trier, in Germany. Luxembourg, as a whole, is very interesting and in many ways is a curious blend of the culture of its neighbouring countries.

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