Main River

If you are interested in seeing some of the most stunning countryside in Germany, then a cruise along the river Main is well worth considering. Although the Main is over 300 miles long, only around 240 miles of the river are actually navigable by cruise ship.

Despite being a relatively short stretch of water, there is certainly no lack of beauty. Right from the source of the river in Upper Franconia, it is clear this is a river with some magnificent scenery. The Main is particularly interesting, as it has several locks along the way, which facilitate cruising. Without locks the waterway would not be navigable by cruise ships; historically, searching out ways to navigate the river was a great challenge for sailors and engineers.

One of the reasons this cruise is so exceptional is because it blends two superb elements together, natural beauty and history. This part of Germany is steeped in history and this is no more evident than in the state of Bavaria. All of this history is set in incredible natural surrounds, which you will be able to enjoy while cruising along the river at a leisurely pace. While in Bavaria you will be able to explore some of the traditional wine cellars and learn about the leather-making heritage of the region. Bavaria is an incredibly unique destination and taking a cruise is certainly one of the best ways to experience it.

Wurzburg is one of the major towns along the route and visiting it is highly recommended. The town is just as beautiful as the surrounding countryside and you will find it encircled by beautiful vineyards, which are responsible for making the region’s unique wine. Any cruise is going to offer you the opportunity to spend some time in the town and taste some of these wines and perhaps enjoy several on-board the vessel itself.

Rothenburg is sure to be another highlight of the journey along the Main. This town is not actually located on the river itself, it is connected by the ‘Romantic Road,’ which you may well have heard of. Taking some time to explore the town is certainly a worthwhile detour and something that you should be sure your cruise operator includes in their itinerary. Rothenburg has some of the most incredible architecture in the region, ranging from Baroque to Gothic.

Lovers of architecture and history are really going to feel as if they are being treated on this cruise as the next destination your floating hotel is likely to stop at is Bamberg. This town is over a millennia old and its historic centre is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cathedral was constructed in the 11th century and is a spectacular attraction; be certain that you do not leave your camera on the ship for this one. After a day of exploring you should be sure to try the local beer, a rather smoky concoction, which is equal parts taste and refreshment.

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