Elbe River

The Elbe has its source in Germany and a great percentage of it is located there; however, it eventually enters the Czech Republic where it continues until it reaches the capital city of Prague. This is where most cruise operators end their trips.

The journey generally lasts around 10 days, depending on how many stops your cruise operator includes on the itinerary and how fast the ship travels. Generally, most people start their cruise in the capital of Germany, Berlin, where they will probably spend a couple of days before embarking on their adventure. Berlin is a fascinating and vibrant city, in which it is certainly worth spending some time before you head out on your cruise to enjoy a rather more rural part of Europe.

From Berlin the river heads southeast, flowing into the city of Potsdam. The style of architecture is very typically German and most people will be fascinated by the buildings here, which are quite unique. The New Chambers is sure to be the highlight of the city; the building is a stunning example of 18th century German architecture.

A cruise along the Elbe will enable you to see some of the best parts of Germany in a relatively short period of time. Most of the cruise ships operating on the river tend to serve meals aboard the vessel when it is sailing, so you will be able to visit the towns along the route for the maximum amount of time. Taking meals on board is also very convenient, as you will be able to enjoy breakfast on the vessel before you disembark and go exploring for the day.

That is certainly not to say that the only interesting things to do are off the vessel. The cruise ships that operate on this route are well equipped and comfortable, so you will also be able to simply sit on deck or in your cabin and watch some of the most beautiful scenery in Germany and later the Czech Republic, drift serenely by.

Before leaving Germany you will have the opportunity to visit one of its most beautiful cities, Dresden. Most cruise vessels extend the amount of time that they stop here, as it is certainly one of the highlights of the trip.

Very soon after leaving Germany and entering the Czech Republic, you are going to be able to visit one of the country’s loveliest towns. Litomerice has some fantastic architectural attractions, including buildings from the Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance periods. The town is also famous for its beer and taking part in a tasting at a local brewery should not be missed.

The final destination for this cruise is the county’s capital, Prague, which is one of Europe's most famous cities, renowned for its incredible beauty. In much the same way as at the start of the cruise, passengers will often choose to spend extra time in Prague. The city is a great destination in itself and it is certainly worth spending a few days exploring before heading for home.

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