Dnieper River

The third longest river in Europe, the Dnieper is perfect for river cruise holidays as it has so much to offer travellers with a variety of tastes and interests. From picture postcard scenery to shore excursions in centuries-old cities that have been influenced by a variety of cultures, a cruise on the Dnieper River really does offer something for everyone.

The Dnieper River is more than 2,200 kilometres long and runs through the Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia before finally emptying into the Black Sea. The picturesque landscapes that lie along the river in these countries are some of the highlights of a holiday spent cruising the Dnieper.

A cruise on the Dnieper River also provides the traveller with the opportunity to see some of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe from the comfort of their cruise ship, while shore excursions allow travellers to explore these cities by foot. One of the most fascinating things about the cities that lie along the Dnieper River is the fact that they have been influenced by so many different cultures throughout the area's rich history; this is particularly well represented in the architecture that can be seen throughout the region. Cultures which have had a large influence in this part of world include the Tartars, the Vikings, and the Cossacks. Historically, the Dnieper River was also an important trade route for a number of countries trading with the Orient.

Some Dnieper River cruises offer shore excursions to the Ukraine's Fisherman's Island. The island is the perfect place for those with an interest in nature as it supports a wide variety of plants and animals, and also provides an insight into Ukrainian life and culture with its traditional houses and market. More fantastic scenery can be found further along the Dnieper River as the cruise passes rich agricultural areas, forests, lakes, and rolling landscapes.

The scenery around Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, is amongst the most beautiful in Europe, featuring hilly landscapes, tranquil waters, and lush, green forests. This area also supports an enormous assortment of wildlife. Kiev itself offers a wealth of historical attractions; some of the most impressive destinations to visit on a shore excursion to Kiev include the underground Monastery of the Caves - which is now home to a number of museums and churches - the ancient city walls, the St. Sophia Cathedral, and the city's Golden Gate. A shore excursion to Kiev will also offer travellers the chance to walk around its botanical gardens, home to a wide range of animal and plant life.

Other towns and cities that are commonly visited on day trips when cruising the Dnieper include Odessa - a city filled with stunning architecture and featuring terraced walls, the impressive Cathedral of the Assumption, and a number of ancient monuments - and Yalta with its cliff top castle, botanical gardens, museums, and the Tsar's Imperial Winery, which offers tours to visitors. Kherson is another destination that can be visited during a holiday cruising the Dnieper and is home to St. Catherine's Cathedral as well as a number of vineyards and nature reserves.

Although the cities that are located along the Dnieper River have impressive historical features, they also have plenty of contemporary attractions to offer visitors in the more cosmopolitan areas including great shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.

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