Officially known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak began service on 1st May 1971 as the country’s first centrally managed, nationwide passenger rail network. The initial route system was designed with an eye toward efficiency, and Amtrak has served nearly nine in ten Americans.

In the subsequent four decades, it has become a vital part of the American national transportation infrastructure, easing the pressure placed on roads and airports and also limiting overall environmental pollution. TAKING THE TRAIN IS THE BEST WAY TO SEE AMERICA. That is true today as it ever was. Amtrak not only serves the great American destinations you want to see, but it gets you there without the hassle associated with air travel today.

On Amtrak, you will always get a comfortable seat, a fantastic view and the freedom to spend your trip however you want. Kick your seat back and relax or stretch your legs with a walk to the cafe or lounge bar. Plug in your laptop or just play cards with the kids. An Amtrak journey by train really is the better way to travel in comfort and see lots at the same time.

Single Level Viewliner Trains

Amtrak offers single level trains on most short distance routes and some long distance routes serving the Eastern US, such as the Maple Leaf Service and the Acela Express.

Coach Seats: All coach seats are large, comfy, reclining with foot and leg rests. They have fold down tray tables, individual reading lights and overhead luggage racks.

Dining Car: Enjoy the sights while having a bite to eat – just stroll down to the dining car where an attendant will greet you, show you to your table and recommend a wine to compliment your restaurant-quality meal. The oversized windows offer larger than life views to make this a dining experience you will be sure to remember.

Cafe / Lounge: The most popular place to hang out and socialise is the Cafe/Lounge car. Here you can unwind, meet fellow riders or enjoy a meal with family or friends. Menus include sandwiches, snacks, beer, cocktails, wine, juices, sodas, teas and coffees.

Viewliner Sleeping Car: Found on 48 Lakeshore Ltd, Silver Meteor, Silver Star & Crescent. Viewliner sleeping cars offer a variety of sleeping accommodations to make long-distance and overnight journeys more comfortable. Prices start with Viewliner roomettes which can accommodate 2 adults and have capacity for 2 small suitcases and a garment bag; they are 3’6” by 6’8” and have an in-room toilet and sink; there is a communal shower room nearby. Viewliner Bedrooms are bigger, also accommodating 2 adults with the capacity to hold 2 suitcases; they are 6’8” by 7”1’ and have an in-room sink/vanity and an enclosed toilet and shower. Two bedrooms may be booked together to form an adjoining two-bedroom suite.

Bi Level Superliner Trains

These trains operate on most long distance routes serving the Western US such as the Empire Builder, California Zephyr, City of New Orleans, Coast Starlight, Southwest Chief and Sunset Limited. Dining Car: The seating areas are situated on the upper level of the train with impressive views. The menu offers a wide variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including vegetarian dishes.

Superliner Sightseer Lounge Car: The upper level has a bar with lounge area, a seating area with tables and a separate observation seating area with swivel seats. When you are ready for a bite to eat, head for the lower level for sandwiches, snacks, beverages and souvenirs.

Superliner Sleeping Car: Superliner sleeping cars offers 4 types of sleeping accommodations. Prices start with Superliner roomettes which are located on both lower & upper levels and can accommodate 2 adults; they have capacity for 2 small tote bags and measure 3’6” by 6’6”. There is a communal shower room on the lower level and communal restrooms on both levels.

Superliner Bedrooms are situated on the upper level of the train and can also accommodate 2 adults with the capacity to hold 2 suitcases; they are 6’6” by 7”6’ and have an in room sink/vanity and an enclosed toilet and shower. Two bedrooms may be booked together to form an adjoining two-bedroom suite.

Superliner Family Bedrooms are a larger version of a Superliner Roomette, with capacity for 2 adults and 2 small children (on narrower child berths). Superliner Family bedrooms are 5’2” by 9’5”, situated on the lower level close to the communal restrooms and shower; they can hold 3 suitcases.

Accessible Superliner Bedrooms are 6’9” by 9’5” and are situated on the lower level for disabled passengers. They have an in room toilet and sink separated from the room by a curtain. There is ample room for a wheelchair and these bedrooms are close to the communal shower room.

All sleeping car amenities include:
• Meals in the dining car (excluding alcoholic drinks)
• Climate control
• Electrical outlets (110v)
• Fold down table
• Fresh towels & linens
• Bottled mineral water, morning tea, coffee & juice
• Complimentary daily newspaper
• Assistance of a sleeping car attendant
• Private daytime seating converting to bunk beds at night
• Turndown service
• Station access to the Metropolitan Lounge or Club Acela