North America Cruises

North America is a vast continent with two coastlines, both of which offer a range of delights that can be explored while at the same time enjoying the luxury of a cruise ship.

Anyone wanting to take a North America cruising holiday should seriously consider the west coast for their first venture. Cruise durations range between three to twelve days, with a variety of itineraries falling between Vancouver in the north and San Diego to the south. While those two cities are well worth a visit in their own right, it is what lies between them on the continent’s west coast that makes cruising this area so worthwhile.

A typical stop on a west coast cruise is Victoria in British Columbia. Here holidaymakers can disembark and view the Canadian city’s renowned Butchart Gardens. Whether heading north or south, the ‘Emerald City’ of Seattle is a place that many visitors particularly enjoy. Partygoers who enjoy a night out will discover the city has a great clubbing scene. For one of the best panoramic views in the world, Seattle has the famous Space Needle, which includes a revolving restaurant at the top of its 605 ft high spire. Cruise passengers visiting Seattle can also gaze in wonder at the 14,500 ft Mount Rainier, an active volcano.

Los Angeles, a port of call on many cruises, is also the gateway to Catalina Island. Catalina is home to the town of Avalon where visitors can explore the island’s marine life and fauna on a special glass bottomed boat. For lovers of marine life, it may be worth booking a winter or early spring cruise, when there is a high possibility of seeing migrating Pacific Grey whales.

Those who decide to enjoy the pleasures of a cruise along North America’s east coast will also enjoy lifelong memories, as they journey along a shoreline that stretches from Nova Scotia in Canada to southern ports in South Carolina and Florida.

Stopping off at Philadelphia provides the opportunity to wander around the city’s wonderful botanical gardens, or to indulge an interest in culture by visiting one of the largest art galleries in the United States, the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

A visit to America’s largest city, New York is always exciting, with its shops, iconic buildings, museums, and – of course – shows on Broadway.

A cruise along on the east coast also gives visitors the opportunity to learn something of the history of the United States. Charleston is home to Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter, where visitors can gain an American perspective on the War of Independence and Civil War.

A diverse range of cultural differences will be experienced on any east coast cruise of North America. From Boston with its Irish influences, to Miami with its tropical everglades, the traveller is sure to find a new surprise every day.

Taking one of the many available North American cruises is easily arranged by people living in the British Isles. There are plenty of flights from UK airports, and most package prices include return flights.