Mediterranean Cruises

A relaxing cruise around the Mediterranean is a wonderful way to spend a holiday. The Mediterranean has plenty of sunny spots on its various shores, and offers a diverse selection of sites, cultures and experiences.

The Mediterranean has been a favoured spot for sun seekers for decades. Embracing Southern Europe and North Africa, its coastal resorts remain the holiday of choice for many families and singles. Its coastline still retains that appeal, but cruising the Mediterranean has in recent years become highly popular, no doubt due to the diversity of experiences enjoyed in a short timeframe. By booking a Mediterranean cruise, holidaymakers know they will be in for the trip of a lifetime through some of the world’s most renowned and visitor-friendly locations and attractions.

‘The Med’ has much in the way of culture to enthral the visitor. In addition to appreciating the constant sunshine and the various lifestyles when pulling into port, visitors will also come to realise why the region is hailed as being the birthplace of modern civilisation, associated with historical figures such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Saint Paul and Marco Polo.

A Mediterranean cruise will provide the opportunity to visit and explore coastal cities in an enviable number of countries, such as Turkey, Greece (including the Greek islands), Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, the Holy Land, Spain and Italy.

Some cruises concentrate on various sections of the Med. These include sailings in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean where the voyage may commence from Piraeus, seven miles from Athens, or from Istanbul in Turkey.

Cruises in the Western Med can involve visits to famous Italian cities and towns such as Naples, Venice, Civitavecchia (close to Rome), as well as Monte Carlo, Monaco and St Tropez in France, and the Spanish city of Barcelona. There will also be a chance to visit smaller coastal towns and villages which are as famous as the larger cities, but can be even more enchanting.

Many cruises, especially around the Western and Central Mediterranean, start from UK ports such as Southampton or Dover. For mainland British residents this is extremely convenient as it saves having to board flights out to a more distant port of embarkation.

Cruises in the Southern Mediterranean allow passengers to explore North Africa, Cyprus and the eastern shores of the Med. Those wishing to include the Israeli city of Haifa in their holiday plans should first check with the cruise line, as changing security situations can lead to this particular port of call being sometimes dropped from itineraries. South Mediterranean cruises are particularly popular during the winter months, as people in the British Isles and Northern Europe seek to escape the cold weather.

There are very many different Mediterranean cruises available, enabling people to choose one that meets their budget and suits their timeframe. Flights from the UK are often included for cruises that commence their journey from Mediterranean ports; otherwise there are choices available for those who would prefer to start their cruise from the UK.