Far East Cruises

The Far East is the ultimate cruise destination, offering a range of cultural experiences in a variety of countries that fill the senses and immerse visitors in thousands of years of history and tradition as well as offering the very best of contemporary amenities in cosmopolitan cities.

One of the major attractions of cruising the Far East is the beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed as a backdrop while relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship or explored in closer detail on an excursion. Excursions to Far East destinations such as Malaysia and Thailand offer the chance to relax on the white sand of warm, exotic beaches while excursions inland reveal the beautiful landscapes of the paddy fields, rural villages and the dramatic skylines created by skyscrapers in modern cities. Boat trips along the rivers of the Far East provide a closer look at the countries and their unique cultures, from the floating markets of Bangkok to boat rides through the Far East’s tropical rainforests, with the chance to discover a wealth of rare plant and animal species. Other interesting landscapes to explore on a Far East cruise include an excursion to the volcanic island of Bali.

Shore excursions in the Far East also allow visitors to gain an insight into the rich history and sense of tradition in this unique part of the world. A variety of ornate temples can be discovered throughout the Far East, including the golden temples of Bangkok, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven and the Snake Temple in Penang, Malaysia. Another excellent destination for a shore excursion in the Far East is the world-famous Great Wall of China, with the chance to walk along the iconic wall and take home some great photographs.

A further attraction of exploring the Far East on a cruise is that it offers the chance to sample authentic local cuisine in a variety of countries. The Far East is a foodie’s paradise, with a variety of unique dishes available throughout the region. Speciality dishes can be sampled in high end restaurants or in local markets in countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia, incorporating local ingredients and spices and cooked according to traditional methods.

While the largest cities in the Far East are home to temples and other historical and traditional buildings, there are also a large number of impressive modern buildings and facilities. Cities such as Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are busy, modern cities, with a variety of luxury shops, restaurants and entertainment venues to explore; a respect for tradition is also evident. The modern cities of the Far East are busy commercial centres and offer the best of both worlds, with the chance to be at the heart of vibrant, bustling city life or to escape into the peace of a beautiful city garden or a traditional temple.