Dubai and the Emirates

A cruise to Dubai and the Emirates is the perfect way to discover the region’s rich history, strong sense of tradition and the modern luxury of its cosmopolitan cities, offering relaxation, discovery, indulgence and the chance to explore a place like no other.

The variety of attractions on offer in Dubai will leave passengers spoilt for choice as they leave their cruise ship for a shore excursion. Dubai is the home of some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, shops and restaurants and visitors are given the chance to truly indulge themselves and live like celebrities for the day. Visitors can also relax in the local marina, surrounded by beautiful waters and luxury yachts. One of the tallest buildings in the world, Burj Khalifa, can also be found in Dubai and those who travel to the top can experience unparalleled views of the city and its coastline. Elsewhere in Dubai, visitors can have a more traditional shopping experience in a souk, visit Dubai’s ornate mosques or relax on one of the fantastic beaches.

Abu Dhabi is a popular choice for shore excursions from a cruise of Dubai and the Emirates and is a great example of a city that embraces its past as well as its future. History and tradition in Abu Dhabi stand side by side with contemporary architecture, facilities and commerce. One of Abu Dhabi’s major historical and cultural attractions is its Heritage Village, providing visitors with an insight into the city’s past and traditions through a reconstructed Bedouin settlement, complete with traditional homes, buildings and mosques. Other historical attractions in the city include Al Hosn Fort, dating back to the 18th century. Abu Dhabi is a shopper’s heaven, offering everything from a traditional souk to luxury boutiques in a contemporary shopping mall. When it comes to dining, there are a large number of restaurants to choose from, including a number of cafes and restaurants overlooking the water in Abu Dhabi’s picturesque Corniche region. Camel racing is a popular sport in Abu Dhabi that visitors can witness first hand while fans of other forms of racing will enjoy the Ferrari theme park.

A Dubai and the Emirates Cruise is a fantastic way to explore all the region has to offer, including its striking, dramatic landscape. One way to explore the landscape is to take a shore excursion to Oman, located between the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. The varied landscape of Oman includes mountain ranges, coastal regions and desert. The coast of Oman is also a fantastic location for divers, with the waters just off the coast supporting a wide variety of marine life. Oman’s cities are also a major visitor attraction, with a wealth of cultural attractions on offer, including the museums and palaces of Muscat. Oman also features a number of small fishing villages and mountain villages, giving visitors a chance to experience another aspect of the culture in this diverse and beautiful part of the world.