Canary Islands Cruises

The Canary Islands benefit from glorious sunshine throughout the year and offer beautiful beaches to relax on and escape the everyday stresses of modern life. Cruises allow passengers to sample the many attractions that the different islands have to offer in one fantastic trip.

One of the major destinations to visit on a Canary Islands Cruise is Gran Canaria, with the capital of the Canary Islands, Las Palmas, offering a variety of attractions for visitors. Las Palmas features wonderful gardens in which to relax and the city’s old quarter is also rich in history, with famous visitors including Christopher Columbus, on his return journey from the Americas in the late 15th century. Other historical attractions in Gran Canaria include the Guanches’ Caves, once home to some of the earliest inhabitants on the island. Those looking for pristine sandy beaches will also be spoilt for choice on an excursion to Gran Canaria, with popular beach destinations including Puerto Rico.

As the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife also has a number of ports that can welcome visitors on shore excursions from Canary Islands Cruises. Santa Cruz has a wealth of attractions to offer tourists, including a shopper’s paradise in its bustling markets. Santa Cruz also features a number of cultural attractions such as museums and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush vegetation. Tenerife features relaxing beaches as well as a dramatic landscape and is the home of Mount Teide, reaching around 11,600 feet in height and offering unparalleled views of the island for those adventurous enough to climb to the top. Other unique attractions to explore on an excursion to Tenerife include the mysterious step pyramids uncovered at Guimar, where tourists can see the black stone pyramids and visit the museum.

Lanzarote is another island that is regularly incorporated into Canary Islands Cruises, with fantastic natural features to discover such as mountains, gorges and volcanoes. Tourists can visit the island’s Natural Park of Volcanoes to see the craters and gorges created by Lanzarote’s volcanoes. As well as areas that offer plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, Lanzarote also provides fantastic opportunities for visitors to snorkel in the clear waters to discover what lies beneath the surface.

The beautiful scenery and warm weather make the Canary Islands an ideal destination for cruises, whether passengers wish to spend the majority of their time relaxing, exploring the islands or experiencing a combination of both. On shore, the Canary Islands each offer their own unique character as well as a wide choice of restaurants, bars and shops to explore. Each also offers spectacular beaches to relax on and clear blue water that is ideal for a range of water sports that are available on the islands or for boat rides around Gran Canaria, where visitors can have the opportunity to see dolphins and whales living in their natural habitat.