Canada & New England Cruises

One of the best ways to experience the history, culture and natural beauty that can be found along North America’s north-eastern coast is on a Canada and New England cruise, discovering the charm of this area with coastal views from the water and from exploring towns by foot.

As the cruise ship passes along the east coast of Canada, many of the most beautiful sights can be seen from the comfort of the ship. As passengers look out from the deck, lush landscapes can be seen along the coast, with autumn turning the endless amounts of leafy trees into more shades of red, gold and orange than it is possible to imagine. Historic lighthouses and magnificent homes can also be seen along the coast of New England. However, it is by taking shore excursions that visitors get a chance to discover the history of America in closer detail. Cruises offer guests the chance to explore the wide range of natural and historical attractions that this area has to offer in a single trip.

Shore excursions to destinations in eastern Canada can incorporate visits to a number of areas of natural beauty, including Niagara Falls, the giant boulders of Peggy’s Cove and Montgomery Falls, more than one and a half times as tall as Niagara Falls. The rocky shores and fishing villages around Halifax, Nova Scotia, also offer plenty of photo opportunities.

An excursion to Quebec is another common feature of a Canada and New England Cruise. Quebec offers visitors the chance to explore its many shops, restaurants and a number of historical and cultural attractions, including the city’s Old Town area and the Musee de la Civilisation. A visit to Quebec gives visitors a chance to explore French Canada at its best.

Shore excursions available as the cruise ship passes by the coast of New England off the chance to discover some of the traditional fishing villages in the area as well as a number of historically significant destinations. One of Boston’s major attractions is the 2 and a half-mile Freedom Trail, incorporating a visit to 16 historic sites. Boston is home to historical attractions that celebrate its role in the founding of the United States as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. Historic buildings can also be found in Rhode Island, where passengers can leave the cruise ship to visit the large number of 19th century mansions that are available to explore.

A trip to visit Portland, in Maine, is another great destination to explore on the coast of New England, offering visitors a variety of unique restaurants and shops to visit in its Victorian buildings. Nearby, in Bar Harbor, visitors can sample the regional speciality, fresh lobster, in local restaurants and explore the beautiful surrounding landscape, including the forests and mountains of Arcardia National Park before returning to the cruise ship for rest and relaxation. A range of fantastic excursions are available on a Canada and New England Cruise, offering something for everyone, including culture, nature and history.