Australia and New Zealand Cruises

Dramatic landscapes, diverse wildlife, cultural experiences and cosmopolitan cities are just some of the attractions that ensure Australia and New Zealand cruises have something to offer everyone.

A major attraction of visiting Australia and New Zealand is the beautiful scenery that provides a wonderful backdrop to a cruise. Striking natural features that can be discovered in Australia, either from the deck of the ship or from shore excursions, include beautiful beaches and the wilderness of Australia’s Outback. Meanwhile, a wealth of underwater treasures can also be discovered in the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s unique and fascinating wildlife can be discovered on excursions from an Australia and New Zealand cruise. On land, Australia is home to kangaroos, emus, dingoes and koalas while those who choose to explore the Great Barrier Reef can discover tropical fish, sharks, turtles and a host of beautiful corals.

New Zealand is also famous for its spectacular scenery, which can be seen from the sea or by exploring further inland on a shore excursion. The country’s natural beauty has become particularly popular with tourists since it was used to create a magical backdrop for the Lord of the Rings films. Visitors to New Zealand can expect to find spectacular green landscapes as well as enchanting icy fjords and attractions such as Fiordland National Park’s Milford Sound, a beautiful waterway carved out by glaciers. Behind the sheer rock faces that stand alongside Milford Sound, the rocky landscape is home to a wealth of rare animal species. Other features to discover in the area include a number of waterfalls that flow with pure glacial water.

Those looking to learn more about the culture of Australia and New Zealand’s indigenous people can find a number of museums and cultural attractions in the country`s cities, such as Wellington, on North Island. Wellington is also a fashionable destination for shopping, with a variety of boutiques, and has a variety of exclusive restaurants to choose from as well as theatres and other entertainment options. Other cities to visit on a shore excursion from a cruise to Australia and New Zealand include Sydney, one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world. A wealth of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues can be found in New Zealand but no trip to the city would be complete without a visit to the world famous Sydney Opera House. In contrast, an excursion to Hobart will transport visitors to a different side of Australia and give them a glimpse into the country’s past, with a number of boutique shops, galleries and pubs to explore as well as historical architecture that was built by some of the first people who travelled to Australia from Great Britain.

With so much to discover in Australia and New Zealand, a cruise is a great choice for exploring all that this vast region has to offer, allowing visitors to relax in the luxury of their cruise ship while journeying to the next stop on their adventure.